This page shows our new house before even moving in. There will be another page showing what it looks like currently when I get the time to finish it. Enjoy the walk through.
The following picture are from beginning to end. We ended up having all the flooring completely striped out and replaced. We also have made some changes to the kitchen and the dining room so far. But these pictures do not reflect any of those changes.
This is a picture of the living room when you come in from the front door to the right.

This is the picture of the front door from the inside. Notice the old linoleum.

Picture of the coat closet next to the front door.

This picture is looking from the front door in. You can see the stairway in front and to the right of that is where the kitchen is. On your immediate right is the living room. In between on the right is the half bath.

This is a picture of the half bath.

This is a picture of the kitchen looking from the stairs.

Another picture of the kitchen from a different angle at the stairs.

This picture shows where we plan someday to expand the cabinets.

A picture of the pantry in the kitchen.

Another picture of the pantry.

This picture is standing in the dining room looking toward the living room. You can see the fireplace in the background.

This picture is looking from the dining room back into the kitchen at the stairs.

Ok, so now we have traveled up the stairs. We are looking from the top of the stairway down. The upstairs is always lit during the day with all the skylights that are installed.

Another picture from the top of the stairs. Here you can see the skylight. I hope non of them ever leak!

This picture is looking from the stairway lloking down the hall. In the background is the master bedroom. On the immediate right is the linen closet.

This picture shows looking from the opposite direction. On the right is Kala's bedrrom and bath and on the left is the computer room.

A picture of Kala's bath.

This picture is looking from Kala's bathroom into her room. Like the pink walls and black ceiling? Came already installed.

Another picture of Kala's room. Like the pink carpet? Goes well with the pink walls!

This is a picture of the computer room looking from the hallway.

This is inside the compter room. It is basicall exactly like Kala's room but not pink and backwards.

Another view from inside the computer room looking toward the hallway. The closet we decided to use for storage of our holiday items since we no longer have an attic.

Yes, it's a picture of the window. Actually, we made this into the guest room.

Another view from inside the guest room. It has it's own closet with an attached bathroom that Blake also uses.

Looking through the bathroom that ajoins the guest room and Blake's room.

Yet another project to be tackled someday. This is the shower/bath in the jack and jill bathroom.

The sink area in the jack and jill bathroom. Nice big area at least for guests, or Blake when he gets older.

The view into Blake's room from the hallway.

The closet area for Blake's room. His room is identical to the guest room just turned around.

The laundry/cat room.

The master bedroom looking from the hallway entrance.

Another shot of the master bedroom looking at my closet. Yes, that's right I said mine, she has her own.

In the master bedroom looking toward the master bath.

Looking into the master bath. The wall on the right is a huge mirror.

A shot of the shower that eventually will be demolished!

The master jacuzzi tub.

Another view of the tub.

The master throne!

A picture of her closet before being overloaded.

Another view from inside her closet. Yes that is a rifle. It was here when we moved in. I don't know what the owners were trying to say.