This page is part of the new site I have created for the family. This page is specifically dedicated to Blake and what is going on in his life. I will be adding more content from time to time in order to let family see what is going on. If there is something you would like to see added let me know.

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Blake has been a fun boy so far. He has a real loveable attitude and enjoys all the normal boy things. We have been working with him alot to get him potty trained. He finally within the last few week has been using it all the time. The ladies at his daycare have been trying to pursuade him to not have accidents so he can move into the three year old room.
Blake's Grumpy Face
Blake with his football.
Another picture of Blake with the football.
Blake with the horse.
Blake's School Picture 2008
Here is a recent picture of Blake while eating at the Elephant Bar restaurant. The kids both love to go there for some reason when their mother is away on TDY. Blake will at least eat corn on the cob but almost refuses to eat any other form of vegetables.